A & N

Adi and Nari came into my life when I started working part time at a solar energy company. Adi is from Nepal and is without a doubt the most enthusiastic and loving person I've ever had the pleasure of meeting.

Becoming such good friends with Adi in a very short amount of time I was honoured to be able to shoot their wedding day. I had an amazing time witnessing and documenting the love that is so clearly evident between them. 

A few days before their wedding Adi and I were walking to the Night and Day to pick up some snacks and I asked him if he was nervous, his response was beyond perfect.

"Before I met her, my life wasn't going great; then we met and everything changed. I got a great job, I passed all my exams, I was happy. I can't wait to marry her and hold onto her forever because she is my lucky charm and I love her very very much."