Let's talk Unplugged!

OK, so as a photographer and videographer I am undeniably biased when it comes to this topic but I don’t think that makes it any less true. Unplugged weddings have been on the rise for a few seasons now and I think it is one of those trends that is here to stay and from my perspective, I welcome the change. 

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Let’s talk about the pro’s and cons of unplugged weddings and why I – and many others in the wedding photography industry – actively promote having your guests go ‘tech-free’ for your wedding.

Pro – Your guests will be able to enjoy the day with you without the distraction of a phone or an ipad or in some cases, a full DSLR camera!

Pro – Not only will the photos your photographer snaps not have a myriad or devices featured but you will be able to actually see the happy, smiling faces of your guests throughout the ceremony. 

Pro – You’re not going to have the inadvertent but inevitable beeps and clicks from devices while you’re in the middle of your vows or a reading.

Pro – And this is a MASSIVE thing for me and one of the main reasons that I encourage all my couples to consider an unplugged wedding. You’re not going to have hundreds of images flooding onto social media before you have had a change to look at them first. I always suggest that you have your guests wait until you’ve shared the sneak-peek images from your photographer before they are allowed to share photos they’ve snapped throughout the day. 

Pro – If everyone turns off their phones and devices there is a much smaller chance that you are going to get a random phone ringing midway through the ceremony or that you’ll have a guest checking the rugby score from the game happening at the same time.

Pro – In a world that is so full of distraction and technology, a wedding ceremony is a great chance to have your guests unwind and be free of distraction for the day and instead of being connected to their devices, have them be connected with the day that you have spent so much time and money to make perfect.


So now we’ve covered the pro’s to having an unplugged ceremony, what are the cons? Well to be honest, I really struggled to think of any so I had to do a quick google to see what others thought might constitute a ‘con’ regrading an unplugged wedding and this is what I found.

1 - If you have guests who love to take pictures of everything, they might be a bit unhappy about being told not to. But hopefully they would understand and respect your decision, especially as it is for their own benefit in living in the happy moment with you.

2 - If you don’t have a professional photographer there taking photos for you, having an unplugged ceremony would mean that you don’t get any pictures to remember this important part of your day. Guests can sometimes get some great shots that you might love. So balance up what is most important to you – having guests capturing memories for you, or having them watch it with their own eyes with no devices allowed.

To sum it all up, I personally think that unplugged weddings are a great idea that everyone getting married should seriously consider. As someone that shoots a lot of weddings every year I see people watching these special events through a 6inch screen all the time and I really think it is a shame because it doesn’t allow them to be fully ‘there.’ Realistically, the average ceremony length is around 30 minutes after which they can get their phones out and snap away to their hearts content but having that time, the most important part of the day, without devices can make all the difference.