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Ok, here’s an example...

In just over seven years, TED-Ed’s (the educational division of TED) YouTube audience has amassed almost 7 MILLION subscribers and over a BILLION total views!

And the reason?...

They pulled this off with their ever-growing library of explainer videos, that cover a huge variety of subjects and topics…

YES... dynamic, fun, and engaging animated explainer videos!



Let’s Face a Hard, Cold Fact…

When it comes to getting clicks and conversions online, the competition is downright FIERCE.

Businesspeople, online marketers, site owners, and even bloggers need to stay on the leading edge to remain competitive, otherwise they will get crushed!

Tapping into the power of animated video is a great way to stand out above the competition!

Why Is That?

The average mobile user spends up to FOUR HOURS a day watching videos!

And the number of worldwide mobile users is steadily growing!

You can bet that a huge percentage of the videos being watched are animated!

Marketers and content creators know that featuring animation in their videos increases watch times, and improves call-to-action rates. What’s more, animated videos are more than just a trend or passing fad. They are actually getting MORE popular over time!

That’s why we’re seeing so many animated explainer videos.

And now, it’s time for you to catch the wave!


Here’s another example…

Polymatter (a one-man outfit), has a YouTube channel that has logged over 20 MILLION VIEWS in just three years!

His content?

100% animated explainer videos of course!


Motion House Media is excited to offer animated videos
starting from $150.00!

commercial photography

One of the most overlooked parts of running a business - especially businesses that sell a product - is product photography. We provide high qaulity, print and web ready images of your products at a very competitive price. Check out of product pricing below.

Both of our product imaging options include edit


Product imaging per hour - $250.00
     - At your site or in studio
     - 30 Minutes of editing included per hour
Product imaing per small image - $99.00
    - Max 3 products then default hourly rate
    - In studio only
    - Editing Included

commercial portraiture

Your primary objective is to sell, right? So it makes sense to invest in your greatest asset - you! The easiest way to do that is with beautiful corporate portraits & profile images. Whether you're after simple, clean images of your team members set against a simple background; action portraits of your staff doing what they do best; or a more classic, elegant, Rembrandt-esk portrait, we can cater a sitting to your individual needs. 

We have been doing this photo thing for a while and know just how important it is that there is consistency throughout your website and online presence. Alot of our clients also use their portraits for their LinkedIn and business social media, maintaining that consistency wherever your clients may be looking.

We can cater to your every need whether it is just a couple of staff needing updated images or the whole team. 

Our setup allows you to view images as they are taken on a screen next to you. This means that everyone will be confident in the photos at the end of the sitting instead of waiting for a couple of days for the proofs only to not be happy with their expression or that stray piece of hair. 

Either you can come to our CBD location or for added convenience we can bring our mobile studio to your office.

1 Staff Member - $170.00each*
2 Staff Members - $90.00each*
3 Staff Members - $71.67each*
4 Staff Members - $62.50each*
5 Staff Members - $57.00each*
6 Staff Members - $53.33each*
7 Staff Members - $50.71each*
8 Staff Members - $48.75each*
9 Staff Members - $47.22each*
10 Staff Members - $46.00each*
10+ Staff Members - $44.17each*

With time being such a precious commodity, we endevour for each staff member to be sitting for no longer than 15 minutes. Some times even quicker. We provide you with a scheduling sheet prior to the sitting so you can make sure we're not encroaching on those time-sensitive deadlines or that important meeting. We do everything we can to ensure that your sitting doesn't effect the productivity of your main assets - you and your team.